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Everyone thinks robotics is quite a complicated and complex discipline. Yes, of course, it is a complex subject. But it benefits school children in many ways. Robotics is an interdisciplinary subject where it deals with math, science, electronics and computer science. Through robotics, children get a deep knowledge of these subjects. Robotics can be used in many fields such as soldiery, education, medicine and many more. Good scope and demand for robotics can be witnessed in the future. In education, robotics provides you with practical knowledge and exposure. You can able to learn the subjects without complexity. In this article, you can witness what robotics can teach kids, the benefits of robotics and the future of robotics.



Robotics provides a deep knowledge in the technical field such as math, engineering, computer science, and electronics. On the other hand, robotics makes the kids develop basic skills such as creativity, teamwork, engagement, perseverance and many more (how to build self confidence in a child ).



ENGINEERING – Practising robotics in educational institutions helps the student to develop the knowledge regarding the assembly, design, and program. When the children start to engage with the robotic at a pretty advanced stage, they get interested in technology, program, and engineering. Moreover, the students will feel free to interact with electronics and mechanical

 MATH – Math is one of the most complicated subjects and most of the students don’t like math as it deals with numbers, equations, and formulas. If robotics is implemented in the education system, they can engage themselves with more practical knowledge. When students start to design simple robots by themselves with basic math knowledge, they get motivated towards the subject and start loving math.

COMPUTER SCIENCE – The next important thing that robotics teaches is programming concepts. For students who rebel technological subjects, make them teach robotics. Once they get learned and start to design the robotics themselves, they get a motivation towards the subjects. This helps them to grab attention towards technical subjects and programming subjects. Moreover, the way they program the robots helps them to develop creativity. When these kids succeed, they can design and program much robotics in higher education. Robotics exhibits you to communicate well with different technological platforms.



CREATIVITY AND TEAMWORK – Apart from technical exposure, students can develop many skills such as creative thinking and teamwork Not every field teaches us creative thinking and teamwork. Since robotics deals with designing, it nurtures creativity among kids. Moreover, kids can even do work by building a team. Because of this, they can develop teamwork skills.

ENGAGEMENT AND FUN – Robotics not only nurtures creativity and teamwork skills. It also makes the students engage with physical activity and fun learning. Since robots are a programmed machine, they create excitement among kids. Once the excitement is created, it automatically makes the kid entertaining. Through the fun-way learning method, they can learn the subjects in a pleasant mode.

PRESERVERNACE – Designing and programming a robot is very challenging and sometimes it may lead to failure. When robotics is implemented, students will have an attitude to never give up. The students put their full effort to develop a bot. If this attitude is sustained, they can develop an attitude of never giving up.      



We are living in the digital era, where everything becomes digitalized. Every industry is moving forward to be technically strong. One such industry is the education sector. We can witness much technological growth in every aspect such as digital classrooms, electronic learning, virtual reality and many more. Robotics is also an emerging technology in today’s education system. In recent times, we can witness one among ten schools are teaching robotics to the school children. But, in the future, we can able to predict the same ratio vice versa.

Robotics makes a remarkable in forthcoming cycle irrespective of the developed nation or developing nation. To strive for better education, schools start preferring robotics as an important subject. Moreover, when robotics is implemented as one of the important subjects in the future, students find simple and comfortable when they get into engineering streams.



We say that robotics is a tangible one. The reason is, many technologies that we see today are intangible and complex to design and develop. But, developing a bot is a visible and structured phenomenon.

Building robots make your kids feel very confident. I.e., they are building their own bot by themselves and with the help of a few team members, as they develop their own gadgets, they boost themselves to be a confident one.

The challenges, complexity, and activity involved in creating a bot develop them to actively participate until it is done. The excitement when they create makes them have a fun-way learning method. So learning robotics is fun.



Robotics is a forthcoming technology for future generations. As we discussed above we could mention innumerable benefits when robotics is been implemented in the education system. Even though the cost of implementing a robot is higher, we must also consider the betterment of the school kids. So, start implementing the idea of robotics to the school children at an early stage.






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Varshini Murali is a content strategist of SchoolBasix, who research on latest topics what education industry speaks about. Specializes in handling blogs  that potential means of marketing and circulating across social media and holds a masters degree in marketing.





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