Top list of Writing blogs and websites that accept guest posts

Institute for Writers
Domain Authority: 35
Page Authority: 39
Topics Covered: Writing Contest, Writing, Editor, Article

Be a Freelance Blogger
Domain Authority: 46
Page Authority: 43
Topics Covered: Blogger, Writing Job, Training, Writing

The Independent Publishing Magazine (TIPM)
Domain Authority: 40
Page Authority: 40
Topics Covered: Article, Writing, Marketing, Blogging

Domain Authority: 56
Page Authority: 54
Topics Covered: Writing, Article, Videos

Wealthy Web Writer
Domain Authority: 32
Page Authority: 47
Topics Covered: Web Writing, Social Media, Marketing, Content

Write It Sideways
Domain Authority: 47
Page Authority: 44
Topics Covered: Editing, Articles, Writing, Blogging

Successful Blogging
Domain Authority: 45
Page Authority: 51
Topics Covered: Blogging, Writing, Blogger

Freelance Writing
Domain Authority: 54
Page Authority: 55
Topics Covered: Freelance Writing, Writers, Writing Jobs

Domain Authority: 25
Page Authority: 28
Topics Covered: Marketing, Business, Blogger, Writing

Writers’ Treasure
Domain Authority: 35
Page Authority: 32
Topics Covered: Creative writing, Fiction writing, Content writing, Article writing, Essay writing, Academic writing, Technical writing, Irresistible writing, Magnetic writing, Editing

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