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Top list of Lifestyle blogs and websites that accept guest posts

Domain Authority: 13
Page Authority: 24
Topics Covered: Art & Culture, Food, Fashion, Family, Lifestyle

Citynet Magazine
Domain Authority: 35
Page Authority: 49
Topics Covered: Lifestyle, Travel, Dating, Food, TEch

Miss Millennia
Domain Authority: 44
Page Authority: 48
Topics Covered: Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Finance, Career, Blogging

Pastries, Pumps and Pi
Domain Authority: 24
Page Authority: 31
Topics Covered: Fashion, Handbag, Clothing, Lifestyle

Domain Authority: 34
Page Authority: 37
Topics Covered: General Topics, Life Hacks

Domain Authority: 33
Page Authority: 34
Topics Covered: Lifestyle, Technology, Travel, Sports

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