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6 Living Room Paint Color Ideas for Every Taste

Living Room Paint Color Ideas for Every Taste

Choosing the paint color that perfectly suits your living room walls can be a crucial task. You probably spend ample amounts of time in your living room. You’ll possibly host guests in your living room at some point.

The paint color is supposed to look fantastic in natural light during the daylight and at night in artificial light. And the look should be something you adore now but can also grow with time because you may not like to repaint your walls frequently.

Luckily, multiple colors go with this bill, and they also match with many decor styles. You can apply them on all the walls of your living room or just on an accent wall. That depends on your choices. Some are moderately neutral and let other designs be prominent in the area to shine. Some are bold and will be the best in the room where you want to rest.

Here we have mentioned some stylish living room paint color ideas that you should go through once before painting your living room.

Benjamin Moore classic: Dark Colors Invading Neutral Color Schemes

One can never go wrong with a solid neutral color, and the Benjamin Moore’s Classic is a fashionable choice for any living room. It’s not too dark of a color, making it a vague background shade for any wall.

As its name shows, it is completely timeless, and it will never go out of fashion. The shade could be an excellent backdrop for any area. It enables bounce light that gives a feel of the airy and brighter room. It is also a great option if you are thinking of creating a wall gallery. It enables the painting to take center stage.”

Try Adding Elegance to Your Living Room by Cream Shades

Varieties of white and cream give an elegant basis for the color schemes of the living room. Use different textures and minor amounts of color in the room to give rise to a primarily neutral space. It will be more impressive in the living room. Wood accents emerge on open shelves, furniture, and a built-in inlet filled with firewood. Navy throw cushions give a very classy look to the simple linen sofa.

Eye Catchy Tangerine

Tangerine not only adds brightness and warmth to your room, but it is also eye-catching in ways that most neutral colors are not. Paint it down with shades such as black, khaki, or mud brown. It would look very stunning with tones combined with shades of red, metallic finishes and white trim.

The Soothing Benjamin Moore Soft Fern

To give your home a mood of spring year-round, people go for Benjamin Moore Soft Fern. It is a very light pastel green. The comforting shade is light enough to go with any gray, brown, or cream-based color theme.

You can also add a bit of soft color to your living room. The hue is reassuring and produces a spa-like vibe.

Valspar Seattle Haze- muted Blue

Many color experts suggest this muted blue. It is called Seattle Haze. It is a drop out of the havoc of our daily life. Apply it to all your walls of the living room to modify the area into an attractive cocoon. The color goes adorably with beige tones and natural wood.

Make It Pop with Jewel Tones

Lastly, let’s not ignore your powerhouse hues, the emerald green, peacock blues, and citrine yellows. They’re considered royal colors for a reason. These are known as perennial accent-wall colors. These jewel shades will make your room bang whenever you like to make your style statement.

It will suit more in the eclectic modern home that likes to give an elegant impression. Those who select this shade are all about showcasing and entertaining their elegant yet bold style.


It is no doubt a challenge to select the paint color for the living room. In this area of your house, everyone relaxes during the day. Also, the visitors, when they come, use the living room for chit-chat.

You should choose the paint color for your living rooms that your visitors would love as well. Go for a color palette that will make space look larger than it is. It should also give off a comfortable vibe. Hence, your living room should be modern style and impressive. It must be the room that leaves a great first impression.

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