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5 Best Online Courses & Certificates in the United States to Enhance Your Career

Today we’re living in a digital world where almost everything is online. You can learn and earn certificates online. Also, there are courses to make money online with just blogging and advertising. Today, we’re going to share 5 best online courses and certificates you can get easily and enhance your career.

1. Google IT Automation with Python

This beginner-level, which includes six certificate courses, was developed by Google. It is intended to provide IT professionals with in-demand skills such as Git, IT automation, and Python, which can help students move up their career ladder. This IT Automation with Python course is highly sought after in the USA.

Any student interested in IT should be able to code to solve problems and automate solutions. Employers are particularly interested in Python as the most popular programming language. This course is a 100% job-guaranteed course.

This Google IT Automation program with Python teaches IT foundations that will help students take their careers to the next level. This course teaches students how to program in Python and how Python can be used to automate system administration tasks. Further, students will learn how to use Git and GitHub, as well as how to troubleshoot complex problems and apply automation at scale using configuration management and Cloud.

What will you learn?

  • Git and GitHub are used for version control
  • Write Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks
  • To solve real-world IT problems, you must implement the right strategies and analyze them.
  • You can manage IT resources at scale for both virtual machines and physical machines in cloud.


  • Set up your Development Environment
  • Using Version Control
  • Troubleshooting & Debugging
  • Programming in Python
  • Configuration Management
  • Python Testing
  • Fundamental Programming Concepts
  • Basic Python Syntax
  • Object-Oriented Programming, (OOP).
  • Automation
  • Basic Python Data Structures
  • Regular Expression (REGEX).

Course Duration Takes approximately 8 months to complete

Course Offered By –Google

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