Startup Strategies: Make Your Site Irresistible to Investors

Startup Strategies

If you are going to start a business then you should have a knowledge of the ways by which good financial projections can be created and how to focus on growth metrics and financial metrics. When you are ready to manage the trade finances with the right documents for it then you should not think that you have achieved the target. There is a requirement to catch the attention of the investors by describing them about how it will be beneficial for them to invest in your company.

There are many ways in which you can communicate or interact with the investor. You can do it through an online application form, email, webinar, text message, phone call, tweet or in the form of a formal pitch meeting. It is very important to have an irresistible story so that investors are attracted to it and its format can be of any type.

The following points should be explained by you to attract the investors effectively:

  • What benefit will he get if he invests in the business owned by you?
  • How will the customers be benefited?
  • Is your item really solving a very big problem?

Now I am going to tell you the startup strategies that will make your site irresistible to investors.

1.You must have a great story to tell investors –

An articulate, passionate and simple behaviour is necessary if a story has to be told by you. Before starting to tell the story, the following questions must be answered by you:

  • Do the investors understand your story or not – Your plan of attack, market and the concept must be briefly explained to the investors because for assessing the idea they have not enough time. You can explain the idea to one of the family members. If he is able to understand everything then it is very good for you. If the investors are attracted towards the business with the little information then it is possible that they demand some detailed description and you should provide them this detailed description also.
  • Are you able to explain about the competitive edge of your company – If in the market you have a competitive advantage in a particular area then you should tell your investors about it. What is your position in the marketplace? Is your company offering better services and products than the competitors? What customers are saying about the products? You should tell the investors about it.
  • Are you still passionate – You have to show the investors about the ideas and how much passion you have for these because by doing this they can be easily attracted towards the business.

2.A professional online presence must be created to attract the visitors –

On the internet you can easily find the businesses related to your industry which are well established. The small startup can also become like those businesses. For presenting yourself online to attract the investors you can do certain things:

  • For telling your story perfectly you must have a good website

(i)The wheel should not be reinvented

(a)For improving the web pages you should assess the websites of the competitors.

(b)You should have a clear point of difference.

(c)If you think that the website needs whistles, bells and the slickest designs then you are not on the right path. There is no need to spend the money and time for these. Instead you should try to convey the message clearly.

(ii)Some keywords can be included

(a)The content put by you on your company’s website must be written in that language which investors can easily understand. If they easily understand the story then they will be attracted towards your business.

(b) You can take the help of the keyword planner used by Google for finding some interesting keywords that investors may like.

(iii)You should put your contact information clearly on the website

(a)When a visitor visits a website then he may want to see the contact information. If he does not find it then he will not take any interest in the company’s website.

(b)A contact form, the email address and a phone number must be included in the contact information.

(iv)The website should be mobile friendly also

(a)The website’s content must be displayed not only on laptop or PC but also on tablet and mobile devices.

(b)Google’s mobile test must be passed by you.

3.Your investor-facing profiles must be managed by you to attract investors

It is better if several match making profiles are created by you. These must be regularly updated by you. This is a very helpful strategy to attract the investors towards the business.

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