Google Pixel 3 lite photographed next to original Pixel, several iPhones

The Pixel 3 lite will be a more petite device compared to the other 3rd generation Google phones, it will have a 5.56″ screen. Here’s how it compares with the current Pixel 3 duo as well as a selection of iPhones.

Pixel 3 lite and original Pixel

It’s about same size as the original Pixel (the new Pixel 3 too) and the iPhone XR. The screen is an IPS LCD panel with 1,080 x 2,220px resolution (18.5:9), a departure from the AMOLED-only 3rd generation.

iPhone XR and Pixel 3 lite • next to iPhone X • next to iPhone XS (left) and XR (right)

The Google Pixel 3 lite will…

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