6 million users had installed third-party Twitter clients

Twitter tried to downplay the impact deactivating its legacy APIs would have on its community and the third-party Twitter clients preferred by many power users by saying that “less than 1%” of Twitter developers were using these old APIs. Twitter is correct in its characterization of the size of this developer base, but it’s overlooking […]

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 in for review

It’s big, it’s huge, it’s the Mi Max 3 – a phone with decent enough hardware, low price tag and screen of epic proportions. The Mi Max 3 comes with a 6.9-inch 2160 x 1080px IPS display – it wasn’t too long ago that we used to have 7-inch tablets. The screen has rounded corners, […]

Google One upgrade plans now available in the US

Google is rolling out its Google One storage service in the US. Users in the states can now choose to upgrade their existing paid Google Drive plans over to Google One. Google One is Google’s storage service that covers Google Drive, Gmail and Photos. The new starting plans for Google One include 100GB for $1.99/month, […]

Android Pie breaks fast-charging for some 2016 Pixels

Over the past couple of months, an thread began over at XDA-Developers regarding an issue with the Google Pixel XL no longer “Charging rapidly” when plugged in, even with the factory OEM charger. This issue was occurring to those who installed the Android P Beta. But even after Android Pie’s final release, there is still […]

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite in for review

Everyone was expecting the Mi A2 but no one saw the Mi A2 Lite tagging along. And while the Mi A2 is the follow-up of the original Mi A1, the Lite version can be considered more of a sidestep. Still, it has a handful of new features and design improvements to offer over its predecessor. […]

Oppo R17 Pro spotted with Snapdragon 710

The Oppo R17 was made official earlier today with a Snapdragon 670 chipset. But 3C says that there’s a Pro version coming as well, something that Geekbench just confirmed. What the Oppo R17 Pro brings is a Snapdragon 710 chipset – essentially the same hardware, but with higher clock speeds. The benchmarks match what we […]

Fortnite for Android (beta) game review

Fortnite for Android is the final piece of the puzzle that started out in September of last year with the release of the Fortnite Battle Royale mode on consoles, PC and Mac. Since then, the game got a release on iOS earlier this year in April and couple of months ago on Nintendo Switch. The […]

When will you finally make a proper Kindle, Amazon?

This Sunday we do something a little different. E-book readers don’t exactly fall in line with our traditional topic list, but they still have a place in our personal field of interest and expertise. Oddly enough, there seems to be a vacuum of in-depth reviews, particularly comparative ones. So, I thought I’d share my personal […]

Sunday debate: Are smartwatches dead?

Smartwatches haven’t quite been getting the same kind of interest as the early days, but is that because they are dying or have they just settled in and have become a part of our lives? Chip and Paul debate… Paul: Steady growth is the opposite of dead According to a recent forecast from Internation Data […]

iOS 12: All you need to know about ARKit 2

ARKit 2 is Apple’s third major release of its Augmented Reality reality platform enabling developers to deliver enhanced AR apps alongside iOS 12. We look at the features of ARKit to give you an idea of what’s coming in September. So what does ARKit 2 bring to the party? Persistent and multiuser experiences – AR […]

Samsung makes Spotify its go-to music platform

On Thursday Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note9 smartphone, the Galaxy Watch, and the smart speaker with Bixby called Galaxy Home. There was also a partnership announcement, where the Korean company is teaming up with Spotify to provide seamless music experience across plenty of devices. Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO, explained later in a press release some […]

Our Oppo Find X video review is up

Our written review of Oppo’s stunning Find X went up a few short days ago, and we hope you went through it already. If you didn’t have time to, here’s some good news: the video review of the Find X is now available on our YouTube channel, and embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Don’t […]

Qualcomm reaches a deal with Taiwanese regulators

Qualcomm’s legal department is working overtime lately. It’s got Apple’s lawsuits, Korea Fair Trade Commission’s $927 million fine and the European Commission $1.2 billion fine to contest. Now at least the American firm reached a deal with the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission. The dispute started back in 2017 and the original fine was $778 million […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review

There are no secrets in consumer electronics anymore. Sometimes it’s the fault of flubs and flaws and leakers. Sometimes it’s by design. In the case of the Galaxy Note 9, it’s a little bit of both. The Galaxy S9 wasn’t the blockbuster Samsung’s shareholders were expecting, so the company understandably primed the pump through a […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch hands-on

This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The casing comes in two sizes – 42mm and 46mm – and three colors – Black, Silver and Rose Gold, which is exclusive to the smaller 42mm size. If you’ve owned a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier then the new Galaxy Watch will feel familiar. Its textured bezel rotates smoothly […]

Samsung Galaxy Note9 promo videos are up

Samsung’s big Galaxy Note9 announcement is now over and done so it’s time to bring out the promo videos. In this case there are a total of six of them and they focus on the hot points of the new phone. The first one focuses on the improved design and the slightly bigger Infinity Display. […]

vivo’s Android Pie updates start in Q4

Google officially released Android 9 Pie to its devices this Monday, and so far Essential was the only third party device maker to issue the same update to its one and only handset. No other companies have even announced their update plans for Pie, except for vivo. In a statement emailed to Android Authority, the […]

Android 9 Pie review

Android 9 is officially here and we would be remiss not to mention our slight disappointment at the Pie moniker. Don’t get us wrong, pie sounds perfectly mouth-watering and playful, but perhaps just a bit too plain for an Android name? Considering the track record, that is. Also, not using the π symbol, just seems […]

Palm device goes through FCC with Android 8.1 Oreo

Ever since TCL bought the rights to license the Palm brand from HP back in 2015, we’ve known that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer plans to bring Palm brand back from the defunct. Last we heard, Verizon planned to bring revived Palm devices in H2 of 2018. That last piece of news appeared to be accurate, […]

Oppo Find X review

It was the Half Life 3 of smartphones until it became Duke Nukem Forever. Almost five years in the making, always elusive and never really official, but now it’s out. Yes, it’s the Oppo Find X. Powered by WPeMatico

Pokémon GO is getting PvP by the end of the year

As popular as Pokémon GO is, it has always been missing one major feature: pitting your Pokémon directly against another trainer’s. Strange, since that was the entire basis of the franchise to begin with! But the mobile game will at last get this much-requested feature by the end of the year, the company told Polish […]

The new devices of week 31

It’s not every week that we get to do a run-down of new phone releases. Rarer, still, is the list quite as long and complete with high end offerings, a premium tablet and with a bunch of different brands participating. Samsung introduced its 2018 flagship slate – the Galaxy Tab S4. It might be based […]

Samsung Galaxy Note9: the story so far

As per tradition, rumors started flying in as early as March this year. We were hearing all sorts of crazy stories including in-display fingerprint and a built-in breathalyzer for the S Pen. But as time passed by, the dust settled and we started seeing more reasonable and accurate information regarding the future Samsung flagship. Most […]

Weekly poll: Motorola Moto Z3: hot or not?

Motorola unveiled the Moto Z3 exclusively for Verizon, though we think the exclusivity will be short-lived. And we hope that once the phone breaks free from that one carrier it will keep its price tag – $480. Again, the price is $480. We had to repeat that to soften the blow of what comes next. […]

Top 10 trending phones of week 31

It’s been a while since last we had a BlackBerry phone among the 10 most popular in our database, but now we have two at the same time. The newly introduced Evolve and Evolve X make a flying start to take ninth and third, respectively. The Xiaomi Mi A2 retained its first spot, ahead of […]

Sunday debate: Are phone cases necessary?

Is there a case for phone cases? Paul, who’s got the hump, and Yordan discuss. Paul: “Cases are like clothes” Over the years my views and uses of phone cases have evolved. Initially, when I started to drop serious amounts of cash on phones, my first and only thought was about protecting my investment from […]

What we know about the Note 9

Some companies keep products a closely guarded secret, like they were nuclear codes or ingredients to a popular cola. Others seem less concerned about the whole thing, as long as it keeps people talking. Based on all we’ve seen from the Galaxy Note 9 to date, it seems that Samsung falls firmly into the latter […]

Motorola Moto Z3 hands-on review

We’ve been waiting for the flagship model ever since the Moto Z3 Play was announced. Well, the wait is now over and the Moto Z3 is here. Announced last night as a Verizon exclusive, for the time being, the Moto Z3 doesn’t bear the Force moniker and there are no claims of shatterproof glass. Moto […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 getting August 2018 security patch

Surprise, surprise! Samsung is super fast with the monthly security patch this time around and it’s rolling out Google’s August security fix for the Galaxy S8 and although the report doesn’t say anything about the Galaxy S8+, we are pretty sure the latter isn’t left out and it’s getting the OTA update as well. The […]

Asus ZenFone 5z gets major camera-improving update

Asus is rolling out a major OTA update for the new ZenFone 5z smartphone. Most of the improvements in it are about the camera and its app. The following is the complete list of changes in this update: Enabled RAW file support Enabled Panorama feature Added on/off button for EIS Enabled flash feature in Pro […]

Android P may be released on August 20

Google has been testing the next Android release for a few months, emulating what it’s done last year with Oreo. Similarly, the company hasn’t yet unveiled an exact release date for the final build of Android P, only mentioning it would come out in the third quarter of the year (so before the end of […]

The Moto Z3 will get 5G via mod

Say what you will about the success or general usefulness of the Moto Mod line — Motorola keeps plugging away. The company currently offers 17 Mods with an 18th on the way, bringing one of the most interesting use cases yet. Along with the new Moto Z3 handset, Motorola unveiled a Mod that will bring […]

iPhone X Plus will have iPad-like landscape UI

Earlier today we’ve shown you purported dummies of the three upcoming iPhones launching this September. Since one of those models will be the biggest iPhone ever, you may have been wondering if Apple was planning to do something special with its user interface. This leak confirms that it is. Thanks to the latest beta of […]

WhatsApp updated to support four-person video chat

Back in May, Facebook held its F8 developers conference where it announced new features for its Facebook family of apps. More specifically, it was at this event that WhatsApp was officially going to get group calling sometime in the future. Today, WhatsApp has officially announced that group calling for both voice and video is finally […]