HTC revenue keeps falling: June numbers 67% down compared to 2017

HTC posted yet another disappointing monthly result. In June it made an unconsolidated revenue of NT$2.23m (€62m) which is a 67% slump compared to June 2017 when it posted NT$6.89 (€192m).

Compared to May’s numbers, which were also down from last year’s, in June HTC still made 9% less revenue.

HTC’s 2018 Q2 results show it made an unconsolidated revenue of NT$6.774m (€187m) which is 58% less than same three month period of 2017 – NT$16.136m (€450m).

Analysts expect HTC to release fewer new phones this year. The once popular maker sold off its Pixel division to Google and will lay…

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